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Providing You with Private Health Care at Home.


Ultra Royal Comfort Care is an agency that offers important benefits compared to the alternatives. For example, if you have a loved one who is recuperating alone, receiving nurse-directed home care after hospitalization is associated with longer life and a lower risk of rehospitalization. Compared with moving to a nursing home or assisted living center, benefits of choosing in-home care tend to be 

  • Greater Convenience

  • Better Quality of Life

  • Lower Medical Bills

For example,  if your loved one had a  hip replacement surgery. Instead of heading to a nursing home for care, you can go back home, where a physical therapist helps your recovery and a home health aide tends to your home until you can. The surroundings are yours, you sleep in your bed and all of this familiarity can help with your recovery.


Ultra Royal Comfort Care provides these non-medical supervised services to the patient at home:

  • Help clients in their daily personal tasks, such as bathing or dressing

  • Provide basic health-related services according to a client’s needs, such as checking vital signs or administering prescribed medication at scheduled times

  • Do light housekeeping, such as laundry, washing dishes, and vacuuming in a client’s home

  • Organize a client’s schedule and plan appointments

  • Arrange transportation to doctors’ offices or for other kinds of outings

  • Shop for groceries and prepare meals to a client’s dietary specifications

  • Provide companionship



Better Care Starts with You!


Ultra royal the best....I live with my mom and dad so really don’t need a full-time aide but whenever time I go on vacation they always send me some wonderful aide. Thanks ultra royal for your great service, 


Ileene Parker 






very professional, the aides are very friendly, responsible and most importantly very caring.



Very caring, understanding, and gets the job done


Felicia Henderson